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Optimizing Your Ecommerce Store for Mobile: Ecommerce tips That Even Your Grandma Could Follow

Hey there, all you savvy ecommerce store owners! It's 2023, and if your website still looks like it's fresh out of the 1990s, we need to have a serious heart-to-heart.

Let's be real: Nobody wants to pinch, zoom, and swipe their way through an ecommerce experience that's less user-friendly than assembling IKEA furniture. I mean, come on, we've sent people to space but you can't optimize your mobile site?

All jokes aside, mobile optimization is no longer optional; it's a must-have. So, let's get down to business and guide you through the magical world of optimizing your ecommerce store for mobile.

Step 1: Test, Test, 1-2-3

Before you even consider ecommerce tips for site design, it's crucial to see how mobile-friendly your website actually is. Google's Mobile-Friendly Test is your first stop.

Actionable Ecommerce Tip: Run the test and jot down Google's suggestions. Trust us; this is the first step toward ecommerce greatness on mobile.

Step 2: Say No to Clutter!

Our next ecommerce tip focuses on design. On mobile, less is definitely more. A cluttered interface is the fastest way to lose a potential customer. We recommend a minimalist, straightforward design.

Actionable Ecommerce Tip: Do a design audit. Eliminate useless elements and ensure that key call-to-action buttons are front and center.

Step 3: Image Optimization - The Rest of Your Life Doesn't Have to Be Optimized, but Your Pictures Do.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a slow-loading image is worth zero sales. When it comes to ecommerce tips for mobile, image optimization is non-negotiable.

Actionable Ecommerce Tip: Use image compression tools like TinyPNG or to make your images load faster without sacrificing quality.

Step 4: Another One of Our Favorite eCommerce Tips (for now): Consider the Fat Finger Factor

Another essential ecommerce tip involves making your site fat-finger-friendly. Buttons that are too small or too close together can lead to annoying mistakes and lost sales.

Actionable Ecommerce Tip: A/B test button sizes and spacings to ensure a user-friendly experience that encourages clicks, not misclicks.

Step 5: Speed, Speed, SPEED!

If there’s one ecommerce tip you should never ignore, it’s this: Speed is everything. Consumers expect quick loading times, and your mobile site needs to deliver.

Actionable Ecommerce Tip: Opt for a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up your website. Also, consider lazy-loading your images.

Step 6: It’s Checkout Time!

The checkout process can make or break your sales. Streamline it. Simplify it. Perfect it. This is one of the most vital ecommerce tips we can offer.

Actionable Ecommerce Tip: Enable a variety of payment options, including mobile-friendly ones like Apple Pay and Google Pay, to speed up the checkout process.

Step 7: Test the Waters

Last but certainly not least among our ecommerce tips: test everything to perfection. Use tools to track user behavior and adapt your mobile site accordingly.

Actionable Ecommerce Tip: Utilize heatmap tools like Hotjar to understand your customers better and continuously refine your mobile site.

And there you have it: a treasure trove of ecommerce tips to make your mobile site shine. Implement these and watch your mobile conversions soar through the stratosphere. Until next time, keep optimizing and keep selling!


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