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E-commerce Fulfillment and Data Go Together Like Turkey and Gravy

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Your online store may provide excellent services to your customers, or crash under the stress of shipping and e-commerce fulfillment. Data helps an e-commerce fulfillment company with both customer service and inventory management to make sure your online store’s fulfillment and shipping run smoothly. Why is an e-commerce fulfillment company useful to a business? There are many different functions of a 3PL that many companies can handle on their own. However, a 3PL alleviates the headache of shipping, packaging, regulatory issues, keeping up with data, and much more so your online business can focus on what matters, your customers. The e-commerce fulfillment and shipping industry is growing fast, and technology is more important than ever. What was once done by pen and paper has now shifted to robotics, fast globalized shipping, and massive data utilization. With freight, demand, and regulatory issues, data is useful in understanding what customers really want. We utilize this information to make sure that our operations run as smoothly as possible for our clients. Supply chain dynamics are evolving every day, and eCommerce fulfillment and shipping companies, like 3PLzen, are using data to understand how to best move with a massively growing industry. The need for e-commerce fulfillment is growing fast. With E-Commerce outgrowing brick-and-mortar business models, the growth is only expected to continue. A 3PL’s solid focus on reasonable pricing, data utilization, and a customer-centric approach will continue to benefit E-Commerce stores for years to come.

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