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How to Target Your Ideal ECommerce Customer: Because Email Carpet Bombing is So Last Season...

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hello savvy e-commerce aficionados! If you're still relying on the "spray and pray" method of targeting everyone with an internet connection, we need to talk. The good news? There are great ways to target your customers.

Introduction: The Scattergun Approach

We get it. You love everyone, and you think everyone should love your product. It's the digital equivalent of sending "you up?" texts to your entire contact list at 2 a.m. Spoiler: it's not effective, and it's probably annoying. It's time to be more like a love-struck Cupid and less like Rambo with a machine gun.

Know Your Ecommerce Customer Like the Back of Your Hand

Before you can begin aiming your marketing arrows, you need to know exactly who you're trying to hit. Who is YOUR ecommerce customer? No, "humans with money" is not a target audience. Create buyer personas that include demographics, psychographics, shopping habits, and needs. Your analytics tools are your best friends here; so get digging.

Actionable Item: Dive into Google Analytics and create a buyer persona based on real data.

Get Your Geolocation Game On Point

Remember, geography isn't just a snooze-fest subject you barely passed in high school. It's crucial for targeting. If you’re selling parkas, perhaps marketing to Southern California isn't the wisest choice. You get my drift?

Actionable Item: Use geo-targeting features in your ad platforms to zero in on regions that make sense.

Embrace the Psychology of Color

Yes, the color palette of your site and ads can actually impact buyer behavior. If your store sells baby products, maybe ease off on the intense reds and go for more calming blues or pastels.

Actionable Item: A/B test color schemes in your ads and track which ones perform better.

Leverage Social Proof

People are nosey. We all like to know what everyone else is doing, buying, eating, etc. Leverage this human quirk by displaying reviews, testimonials, or the ever-coveted "as seen in" media badges.

Actionable Item: Implement a review system on your product pages and incentivize happy customers to leave reviews.

Use the FOMO Effect

Fear of missing out isn't just for social events; it's a real force in the e-commerce world. Limited-time offers, low-stock indicators, and countdown timers can turn browsers into buyers.

Actionable Item: Add a "low in stock" or "limited time offer" banner on your product pages to create urgency.

Conclusion: A Targeted Approach for a Targeted World

P.S. If you're an ecommerce seller based in Southern California, we at Shipping Bros understand your unique regional needs. Drop us a line and let's supercharge your ecommerce shipping game together.


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