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Holiday Order Fulfillment - Busy Season Is Coming! Get Ready!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hey there, e-commerce aficionados!

It’s that jolly time of the year when Santa's not the only one making lists and checking them twice. E-commerce store owners, like you, are gearing up for the festive rush. While it's all well and good to be the jolliest elf on the block, if you're not prepared for the avalanche of holiday order fulfillment, you might end up with more coal (or cart abandonments) than you bargained for. But fear not! Here are some tips to get your e-commerce store sleighing all holiday season.

1. Deck the Virtual Halls:

Change up your website's theme or add some festive elements. Think of it as putting up holiday decorations for your online visitors. A sprinkle of snowflakes here, a bouncing Rudolph there, and voila! Instant holiday spirit! Just make sure Rudolph doesn’t cover up the “Add to Cart” button.

2. Offer “Rein-deal” Discounts:

Seasonal promotions are a must! Get creative. How about “12 Deals of Christmas” or a “Santa’s Flash Sale”? But don't go overboard; remember, even Santa has a budget.

3. Stock Up Like Mrs. Claus’ Pantry:

Nothing's worse than running out of stock when demand peaks. It's like leaving Santa gluten-free cookies (apologies to the gluten-free folks!). Anticipate which products will be hot and stock up. Those elf-on-the-shelf dolls won’t pack themselves!

4. Elf-ify Your Customer Service

Holiday shoppers have a million questions, and they want answers yesterday. Make sure your customer service team is as efficient and cheerful as Santa’s little helpers. Perhaps throw in a “Ho-Ho-How can I assist you today?” for giggles.

5. Sleigh the Holiday Order Fulfillment Game:

Nobody wants their presents arriving 12 days AFTER Christmas. Partner with reliable shippers (like Shipping Bros) to ensure timely deliveries. And throw in a tracking system. After all, even Santa has NORAD tracking him. You're ready for holiday order fulfillment!

6. Prep Your Return Policy Like Santa's Naughty List :

Not everyone will be thrilled with their gifts (I mean, who REALLY wanted that fruitcake?). Have a clear and easy return policy in place. Maybe even extend the return window for holiday purchases. It's all about spreading that festive cheer, even post-holidays.

7. Jingle All the (Pay)Way:

Ensure your payment gateways are working smoothly. Nothing kills the festive mood faster than a declined card. Maybe sprinkle in some extra payment options, like reindeer food or snowflakes (just kidding, stick to the real currencies).

8. Market Like Buddy the Elf on Sugar:

Start your holiday marketing early and be as enthusiastic as Buddy the Elf spotting Santa in the mall. Email campaigns, social media blasts, and pay-per-click ads will get your store buzzing faster than you can say “cotton-headed ninny muggins”. In conclusion, the holiday season is both exciting and chaotic for e-commerce store owners. But with a little prep, a lot of enthusiasm, and maybe a festive sweater or two, you can ensure your store thrives throughout the jolly season. Here's to making it a December to remember! Happy sleighing and selling!

Shipping Bros can help with holiday order fulfillment! Drop us an email at


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